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About Us

Radiant is an established electronic contract manufacturing company that specializes in low to medium volume, high quality products. We earn the respect and satisfaction of long term customers by taking away the headache of buying specialized equipment, running an assembly line and solving assembly line issues—so you don’t have to.

Complete Contract Assembly that Saves You Time and Money

High quality printed circuit board and cable harness assembly, material procurement, systems integration, product testing and prototype assembly, all at competitive pricing and quick turn.

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Our Difference

Radiant is the choice of leading companies that require low to medium volume electronic contract manufacturing and value a working relationship that delivers products exactly as expected, with no surprises in cost, time frame or quality.

Resolving Issues Before Your Product Goes to Full Production

Senior staff partner with you to anticipate potential issues. Learn more about our quality assurance.

Full Turnkey

For qualified customers, Radiant provides a full turnkey service. Learn more

Trusted for Reliable, Durable Products and Exceptional Service

The founders of Radiant Technologies Inc. understood from the beginning why it made good business sense for leading companies to outsource specific manufactured products. Alphanso Reid and Subhash Shah set up a contract manufacturing company to provide exactly what these companies needed: a partner to help them be more competitive, more efficient, save valuable time and resources, and stay on top of the latest technologies.

Starting from a small industrial unit, Radiant Technologies has grown into a medium size manufacturing company because of the trust built by senior staff and their experienced assembly team with companies across North America.

Core Values

  • Customer focus in everything we do
  • Ethical behavior from all employees, suppliers and customers
  • Accountability between the co-owners
  • Great pride in their safety record

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